Dr. Smith teaches and supervises students in the overlapping fields of communication studies, internet studies, and design. A selection of past course descriptions are listed here.


Brock University

  • The Information Society (COMM 2P26)
    • Undergraduate course in Communication, Popular Culture & Film
    • Winter 2016, Fall 2016

“Relation between information technology and social and political practices since the 19th century. Historical development of information technologies, role of technology in society, critical theory of technology and concepts of control” (Original course description).

  • Computer-Mediated Communication (COMM 2P90)
    • Undergraduate course in Communication, Popular Culture & Film
    • Fall 2015

“Nature of computer-mediated communication (CMC) and its role in social, educational and interpersonal contexts. Introduction to technology and methodologies essential to explore the potential of CMC” (Original course description).

  • Contemporary Research in Communication Studies (COMM 4V57)
    • Undergraduate course in Communication, Popular Culture & Film
    • Fall 2015

The 2015 special topics theme was User Experience Research.


University of Toronto

  • Community Informatics (INF2167H)
    • Master’s course at the Faculty of Information
    • Fall 2013

“This course will provide a student with an overview and introduction to the emerging field of Community Informatics (CI) which is concerned with the use of Information and Communications Technologies (ICTs) to enable and empower local communities. The course will present CI in its larger theoretical, technical, social, economic and policy contexts and will link the discussion into current examples and on-going developments in the Canadian, OECD and Developing World contexts. Among the topics which will be covered are CI and Community Networking in Canada and globally, CI research and CI practice, CI and the Digital Divide, CI and Effective Use of ICTs, CI in the context of on-going development and research in Information Systems, and current research areas in CI” (Original course description).

  • Pro-Seminar in Knowledge Media Design (KMD 1002)
    • Graduate level course at the Knowledge Media Design Institute (now housed in the Faculty of Information)
    • Winter 2011 (with instructor of record John Danahy), 2012 (with instructor of record Peter Pennefather) & 2013

“This course is a theme-based Pro-seminar course for KMD Collaborative Program students combining lectures, public seminars, and participation in online discussions. Students who successfully complete the course will receive a Credit on their transcript rather than a specific grade. If students outside of the KMD Collaborative Program would like to take the course, they require special permission from the course Instructor” (Original course description).